Vision Mission & Areas of Focus

Our vision:

God Has called us to declare His power to all nations for His Kingdom is not in word only but in power.

Our mission:

Our mission is to prove to the world the Lordship of Jesus and help people discover their full purpose and potential in Christ in all areas of life.

Our areas of focus:

The tools and arms of our ministry include:

  1. A campus ministry (El Shaddai On Campus – ESOC)
  2. A compassion ministry (El Shaddai Hands of Care – ESHC)
  3. A Church ministry (El Shaddai Family churches- ESFC)
  4. A publications ministry (El Shaddai Publications- ESP)
  5. An outreach ministry (El Shaddai Evangelism Initiative- ESEI)
  6. A TV and Radio ministry (El Shaddai Television- ESTV)

Our values

  1. Equipping
  2. Love/Compassion
  3. Dilligence
  4. Partnership
  5. Intercession